SketchUp is a free 3D modeling tool used by people all over the world to design, explore and fantasize about 3D space.  Sketchup is easy to use and includes powerful tools such as:

  • Geolocation – locate your project in Google Earth Terrain
  • Shadow Analysis – explore the path of the sun throughout the day and the year in your building
  • 3D Warehouse – download models created by people all over the world

1.  Intro to SketchUp – this workshop will get users oriented with SketchUp.  We will learn about the basic drawing elements of SketchUp and how to use the basic tools effectively.  No prior SketchUp experience is necessary.  For the first half of the session we will get familiar with SketchUp, and work on using the various tools to draw lines, rectangles and weird shapes.  In the second part of the session each person will work on drawing a simple pre-conceptualized item such as a table, a chest of drawers, or a day-to-day object.  Feel free to bring a project from home that you would like to draw in 3D space.  If there is time and interest, we will also explore the 3D warehouse and play with shadows.



2.  Intro to Hacker SketchUp – this workshop will introduce users to the Ruby interface for Sketchup.  No prior experience drawing in SketchUp or programming is needed, although having a little of one or the other will be beneficial.  In this session we will focus on getting SketchUp to do crazy things using the Ruby programming language.  Basic Ruby concepts and the interface between SketchUp and Ruby will be taught.  We will focus on getting SketchUp to do weird, fun and completely impractical things.  There will be some overlap with Intro to SketchUp, but the two sessions should be different enough that participants would be happy doing both.




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